Tuesday, July 13

In the Patch Memories

Plunk ! A wormy raspberry landed in my bucket . How did that get in there ? I thought . Two seconds later , Splat !!! A big , juicy red raspberry splatted right on my white shirt !!! Then I knew , my brother was starting a raspberry war ! I turned to look at at him just as he threw another raspberry . It missed . I picked the biggest raspberry I could find and flung it at my brother .I missed . I threw a few more raspberries in vain trying to hit my brother . I still missed . ( I have to admit , I am a terrible aim ! ) The war went on , and by the time we were tired of playing , I had big splotches of red all over me . My brother , not one spot ! This was just one thing that my brother and I would do in the patch . You see , as a little girl , All my siblings and I hated picking raspberries . So , we had to make our fun out of it .
I also remember playing jackpot while picking raspberries with my sister . The object of the game was to have more berries in your bucket than the other person . But there was a twist . If you found more than 5 berries , you would yell "jackpot!", and the other person would have to wait ten seconds , while the other person picked as many raspberries as possible .
These two games are what we played in the patch . I remember them just like yesterday . There are so many memories from our raspberry patch . But , we all still dread picking raspberries . And the two little games are almost extinct except for an occasional raspberry flying through the air . But sometimes I wish we could all go back into time and once again as siblings play our childhood raspberry games . (But not pick the raspberries ! LOL )

Scribbled by:Sarah


MamaBergmann said...

Sounds like you children made a lot of fun picking raspberries! Those are some precious memories--don't ever lose them. On another note, thank goodness for Tide with bleach.

Bethany said...

LOL, hilarious. :) I don't especially enjoy raspberry picking myself...perhaps I should throw a rotten one or two. :)



Bailey said...

Sarah - stupendous post! I love the topic you picked and how you handled it. Interesting all the way through.

We didn't have raspberries when we were younger. Indeed, we weren't much of a gardening family either. (And if we were, the fact that we weren't very helpful....) But I remember those good times when my siblings were younger.

Keep these great posts coming!

Sarah said...

Mrs. Bergmann , We didn't particularilly like picking the raspberries , but we did like playing the games !

Sarah said...

Flop , the blogging is a new thing for me ! At first I couldn't find where my post went!LOL! And then I accidentally made myself follow my own blog ! ROLOL ! Can't wait till tomorrow and don't forget to bring your swim wear !

Bailey , Why thankyou ! You are so uplifting ! Can't wait till tomorrow!

Love ya'll !! Sarah

Katie said...

Dearest Sarah, you do remember me, right? We did that "bunny, bunny" game at the B.'s. You know the African chant? :-) That was at Chase's graduation party. Yeah, I knew you didn't forget me. How could anyone forget me?

Anyway. A raspberry fight sounds like sooo much fun! Can I come over sometime?? :-)

What's your other sister's name? I've only met Stacy and seen Stephen. Is that how he spells his name? Or is it Steven?

Anyway, I am a follower, even though my picture isn't...over there. Yeah, I don't have my own email. Poor me. :-(

Anyway..again. Congrats!! I loved your first post!

Sarah said...

Of course I remember you ! Thanks for following my blog !!!
My other sister's name is Sussanah . She lives in Madison , so... I don't think you've ever met her . And you spelled my brother's name correct - Stephen.

Love you much ! Sarah

Menominee Maidens said...

Lol Sarah - That actually sounds kinda fun! Raspberry wars. :)

Nice post, by the way!


Rebekah said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes someone will just say or do something toatally out of the blue(like throwing a raspberry:D)and there you have a life-lasting memory?
Sounds like you had fun!

Sarah said...

Katie and Kara ,
We had tons of fun in the patch ! Thanks for following my blog ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Sarah what a cute blog post. Yes, raspberry picking will always leave those memories in my mind. Thanks for picking along my side for most of these years. We are the best berry pickers in the whole world (unfortuntately)! Love you!!!! Stacy