Sunday, July 11

A Heaven Sent Friend

This is my first time being a blogger, and I am bubbling over with excitement and joy !!!!! But I would not have Breezes Through the Meadow , if it were not for my beautiful best friend , and sister in Christ , Bethany Grace Bergmann . ( I am thrilled to share the same middle name !) Without Bethany , this blog would not be here, and I would not be the person I am today ! Bethany has been such a godly influence on me . She has shown me through her actions , how I should walk with Christ and live . And I thank my God continually for sending me this heaven sent friend ! So I would just like to send all my love and thanks to my BFF , Bethany , who helps me draw nearer to the Lord ! Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you have a blog... I think you'll really enjoy doing it!I'll love coming on it! I realy like your backround and title... so creative! It fits you I think. Also, your first post was very warming.( you both share the same middle name? Cool!) I'm glad you have such a good friend like Bethany. Keep up the great work. Proud of you and love you always! Love, Your big sis, Stacy

Bethany said...

*BIG HUG* Remind me to smother you when I see you on Thursday. :D

I'm so excited you got a blog! It was so much fun helping you - and I'm extremely excited for all the other posts that will soon be written!

It is a honor to share the same middle names. :D



Bailey said...

Sarah, your blog - like your sweet self - is beautiful and so creative. So YOU. I know Bethany cherishes your friendship too, and she will blush and bluster about not being half the things you said about her...because she's so humble. ;o) I love you muches!

Menominee Maidens said...

Great Job Sarah! You finally joined the world of blogging! Nice job to you and Flop, by creating it!


MamaBergmann said...

Congratulations on starting a blog! The layout and graphics are beautiful--love it. I hope this will be a creative outlet for all of your thoughts and ideas.

Mrs. Bergmann

Sarah said...

Thankyou all for stopping by my blog !!!

Kara, thanks for joining my blog ! I just found out yesterday that you have a blog , too ! I will definitely be going on it !

Flop , thankyou for making this blog possible ! Can't wait till Thursday !

Bailey , Why thankyou !I thought it was very me ,too ! I love you !

Stacy, I am gald to be your sister ! I love you !

Mrs. Bergmann , Thankyou for looking at my blog ! But , this blog wouldn't have been , if it were not for your daughter , Bethany . Love you !

Love all of you !!! There will be a new post coming up !
Love the Blogger , Sarah /Flerpy

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm delighted you are excited about blogging. I pray your postings will be edifying to your readers and honoring to your Lord...Happy Blogging,sweetness!
Love you, Mom

Rebekah Raddant said...

That name ring a bell?I met you at Chase's gratuation party.Or was it at Anna's surprise party in '09?I'm so happy for you!I don't have my own blog, but all my friends do!Don't you feel bad for me?Gotta go have a pity party.:D

Menominee Maidens said...

:) Glad you could stop by. Nice blog by the way!


Hannah B. said...


Congratulations on your 'new' blog!! It's so prettiful. The colors fit perfectly with the name you chose..which me thinks is a very beautiful, peaceful, and meadow-y name. :) You're very creative.

Well, Happy Blogging!!