Monday, December 19

Christmas Memories...Guest post


  When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for Christmas…Christmas seemed to take forever to come. We counted down the days until Christmas and bought our presents at Dollar Tree a month before Christmas. We did our traditions such as getting a Christmas tree, looking at all the lights on the houses, singing the twelve days of Christmas until Christmas day came, etc. The week before, anticipating Christmas was almost unbearable as my sister, brother, and I awaited it. Christmas Eve we had the family party, and I thought I was so important since I got to stay up more here:) 

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Anna said...

I was excited to see you on her blog :)

Christmas is exciting too... :D

I like what you said (in your post) about what time you used to get up and what time you do now. It's a "plus" of being a teen, I think. (Not having to try and go back to sleep for another two hours :D)