Tuesday, December 14

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

                                                                 I love it, love it, love it!


The famous C.S Lewis book , Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Has been made into a movie !

                          And I got to see it opening night with a couple of friends ! It was amazing !!!!


                                                                     Starring ... Lucy,

                                                                           Edmund ,


                                                                       Prince Caspian ,


                                                                              Reepicheep ,

                                                                      And .... Aslan .


Lucy was valiant . ( I definitely liked her the best in this movie out of all the others !) Edmund Reminded me of Peter from Prince Caspian .
Eustace was hilarious ! Whenever he spoke , I would burst out laughing !
Caspian , was just as I imagined him .
Reepicheep ... Whenever I saw him , I just wanted to take him into my arms . He is adorable !!!!
And Aslan ... He reminds me of God ! ( Well , he does represent Christ !)

This movie is the BEST  ! It is defiantly my favorite out of all the Narnian movies so far ! ( And all my friends would agree ! )

So you must , must , must , watch it !!!!

( I have to admit , I cried through some parts of it ! )


Bailey said...

Eustace was my favorite. Reep a close second. Caspian and Lucy tied for third.

Lone Islands scene was the best.

Drinian is awesome.

The movie is awesome.

And Chase might take us to see it again. ;o)

Bethany said...

It was so amazing...every part of it. And so sad *sniffs*



P.s. Defiantly is the word used for when you are defiant. ;)

Kara said...

ooooohhhh, Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!! Awesome!

Aslan = awesome!

Sarah Grace said...

Bethany ,
Yes, it was sadly sweet !

Kara ,

You NEED to see it !

Bailey ,

No fair ! You might get to see it again ! Maybe I could persuade Stephen to take me ,again . LOL !

Maria said...

Loved it! I know, me and Louisa went together and we laughed at EVERYTHING Eustace said! He and Reepicheep were amazing! I loved Edmund and Lucy, as always, and Caspian was terrific!

Bekah said...

Dad and Mom went to see it on opening day too.And I think we've convinced Dad to take us on New Years Eve.I am DYING to see it.I've watched one too many trailers.It's amazing how many vidio clips you can watch on the internet.We could've watched the whole movie,but we didn't want to ruin it.Eutace is a complete brat I've heard.We watched a bunch of interviews.Will Poulter said people in America are really nice.That's what I like to hear!

Rachel R said...

I can't wait to see it either! This will be the first movie I've seen in theaters that I actually wanted to see. The only other movie I've ever seen in theaters was the Nativity(Cause our aunt, who is the wife of a lawyer, paid for our whole family to go)
So how did you like the song by Carrie Underwood?:) She's not a bad singer, it's just that she could be using her talents elsewhere. I have to say, she has a better backround than Regina Spektor, who sang in the end of Prince Caspian.
I'm so glad they didn't butcher Voyage of the Dawn Trader like they did Prince Caspian.Dad says the only gross part is with the ugly monster on the ship. I saw a trailer with that thing in it, and I did think it was kinda gross. But otherwise... I can't wait to see it!

Katie said...

Sorry I haven't commented on anyone's blog for the longest time, but believe me, I have been checking them out.

I just saw this post and had to comment. My dear sister is very into Narnia-I am not so. But Bekah's trying to get Dad to take us on New Year's Eve. We always do lots of fun stuff on New Year's Eve and of course, it was MY idea to do it on New Year's Eve. Well, it's hard for Beks 'cause she's dying to see it. :-) I can wait.
But anyway, that's not what I wanted to say.
This is what I wanted to say: How old do you guess the kid is who plays Eustace? Or do you already know? I would've guessed 13 or so. But no way. His birthday is January 28, 1993! That makes him 18 in January! Can you believe it? Maybe he looks older in film, but it surprised me and Dad(who saw it twice now, once with our mom, and once with his mom).
Crazy, huh?
Hold on, I'll quick find out how old the other characters are...... Edmund is 19, Lucy is 15, Susan is 22 and her younger brother starred as Michael Darling in Peter Pan. Peter is 23 and Caspian is 29. Old guy. Anyway.
Guess I was just surprised to find out Eustace is nearly 18. Guess I don't have to feel so bad when people guess I'm fourteen when I'm really almost eighteen myself. POUT