Sunday, December 19

Christmas Confession

Christmas is just 5 days away ! I can't believe it !

We have our tree and decorations up . The lights are strung . I have my gifts bought for everyone , but honestly , I'm not ready for Christmas . I'm still back in November !  I remember when I was a little girl , I could hardly wait for Christmas ! And here ... it seems I just get over with Thanksgiving , and Christmas , is already here .

I simply am not ready for it !

People keep on asking the question " Ready for Christmas ?!!! " 

And I say " Yup ! " , But really deep inside , I'm not ready . If I could just reverse time for just a bit , then maybe I'd be ready !

I'm not , so to say , in the "Christmas Spirit " . I'm not ready to open gifts , sing the carols , watch the Christmas movies , read the Christmas story ... I'm still thinking that Christmas is far off . But it isn't !

Yeah , I'm excited for it , and I want to see my family . But ... I 'm just not ready .

Do any of you feel that way ? Or is it just me ????



Kara said...

Really. That's interesting, most people I know, may not be "ready" for Christmas but are excited and anticipating it.

Nope, I am truly ready for Christmas!

Bailey said...

Actually, I know exactly how you feel. Christmas sort of snuck up on me...because it started back in October for me, with the Christmas play and all.

But I guess that means I'll be extra surprised come Christmas day. ;o)

Love you! You were absolutely FANTABULOUS in the play!

Bailey said...

Oh, and I LOVE your new blog look!

(Bravo, Bethany.) *wink*

Bethany said...

You don't have to be so dramatic. ;)

I kinda snuck up behind me and whopped me good on the head...*sighs* but it's better than running around with butterflies in your stomach!!

Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah,

When we remember Jesus is the reason for the season, we are ready in our hearts to celebrate and worship Him at anytime throughout the year...even if the tree doesn't get trimmed, presents are sparse, and the Christmas movies sit on the shelf. Oh, but please don't forget the Christmas story!! Love you & Merry Christmas,Mom

Maria said...

Ugh, I feel the same way. I have all my presents and stuff for everyone, but I don't feel so joyful. Maybe a cold has something to do with it...

Bekah said...

I guess Christmas did kinda seem like it was so far a way and then suddenly it was just a few days away.But I guess my family dosn't really do Christmas presents so that takes like a TON of stress off and all we worry about is sending out the cards:D