Friday, December 31

So-long 2010

Wow ! Is it really already 2011 ? Where does all the time go ??? It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 2010 ... and here , we're celebrating 2011 !

Some of the highlights of this past year has been ...

I broke my wrist in March .

I started a blog in May ! ( Hooray !)

I went to Chicago in June .( And went to teen camp in June.)

My dad and Mom turned 50 .

I found out that I love photography .( And I'm not too bad !lol )

And ... A million other things !

God has truly blessed us all in 2010 . He has showed us His mercy , and Love .( Over , and over again !)

So now is the time to say GOODBYE 2010 , HELLO 2011 !!!!!!!! Yay !

God's blessing to you in 2011 !


Bethany said...

happy new year.

Kara said...

Happy New Year, Sarah!

Bailey said...

2011. Wow. Am I the only one who feels like donning a metallic pink space suit and renting a flying car?

Maria said...

I know, time flies right? Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

LOL... was breaking you wrist a highlight of 2010? Ha ha. Anyways, yes, there were so many great memories made in 2010. I actually just wrote out memories from every month in my journal. It took up like four pages.I'll always continue to make memories with you too...! Hope you are blessed throughout 2011. Love ya.