Friday, April 20

Times of Change

After completely deserting ya'll for past three months, I finally decided to come back. ;)

Everything is changing constantly...always. But we don't notice. I didn't notice until really this past year. Not really until these past months, actually. Around me everywhere, it seemed that everyone else was growing up. But me...well, I was left behind. Stuck. Stuck with my normal self. I wasn't changing. Or so I thought.

I watched as my brother, one of my greatest friends who I played air soft wars and went snowmobiling at midnight with ( ;) ), get a girlfriend and grow up. He changed. But I felt I still hadn't. Then I watched painfully my sister that I love so dearly play her last high-school basketball game. I was still no different. All around me...all my close friends...all the people I loved...they were growing up.

Then one day I woke up and noticed...I was changing. I was so was absorbed with everything else. Everyone else that I didn't notice I was changing, also. Partly was because I wasn't allowing myself to be changed. Then I noticed that I wanted change. I wanted God to work in me...wanted God to change me...

And He did...or I should say He is changing me. God has been doing stuff in my life that I can't even explain. Much of it has been hard...but it's worth it. God is changing me. And I want to be changed...changed by Him. Each day, He has been bringing things into my life to deal with. I never really noticed before all the things that God has been putting into my life, are preparing me for something. All the things He's been doing. But now I see it. God is shaping me. Molding me. As the potter did to the clay. I feel so...loved. I mean, really think about it. God is fashioning you and me in His image. He is making us into something beautiful. Something that no-one could put a finger on. Something that is unique...different.

Will you let God change you ?


Kara said...

Sarah! That was such a wonderful post.

I loved it...loved.

Love you, Sarah!

Bailey said...

This is so beautiful, Sarah. It's been a crazy year of change for all of us -- but good change. I get excited seeing God work in you!

I've been thinking about this of the biggest reasons I know God loves me and is working in me is because He's chipping away at my pride, breaking down my excuses and always molding me into His image. It's hard and it's no fun, but the results are amazing.

Bethany Grace said...

You're changing a bunch Sarah - and I'm so excited to see how God is working in your life!

Sarah Grace said...

Love you al girlies !

Bailey- Yes, It hurts doesn't it to have God mold us. He has to chisel at us. It hurts...but we've chosen to want to be like Christ. And so, we bear the pain.

Bethany- You are changing so much, too. It's so amazing yet weird in a way ! lol! And I'm also excited to see God not only work in my life, but yours, too.

Kara- Love you ,too !