Thursday, June 2


 You can never look at a sunset and not dream.

 I was looking at the beautiful sunset...It was brilliant . The sky was a crystal blue, and then all over the blue there was vibrant pink and blazing orange.  And the purple, had a soft,dreamy look . You couldn't just look at the sunset and turn away...It drew your attention and held it fast. It made you Dream.


 I sat there dreaming...Dreaming of a life that would never come true. Dreaming of my future and perhaps what it would hold. Dreaming of who I might become or what I might accomplish . Dreaming of things that were so wonderful . I sat there dreaming,and pondering, thinking, and wishing...And dreaming once again .

 Dreaming is a something more than just dreaming . It's like being in a little world that no-one else can see...Except for God and you. You can think thoughts that nobody would understand or comprehend, except for God and you . Use your Imagination, talk to God, dream . Because, no-one else will ever know or see...For it's just you and God . Dream.

Dream a little...

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