Thursday, December 23

Christmas Confession ll

Just a few days ago , I said I wasn't ready for Christmas .

 And I still am not really ready . But , I have gotten into the Christmas spirit !

Today I was wrapping presents ( I love wrapping presents ! ) , went Christmas shopping with my siblings , ( again , lol ! ) I've been singing carols , been loving the snow , and can't wait to see the Family !

But even though I'm in the spirit , I'm still not ready . But... I guess we should  just except that it is here . There's no stopping or reversing time , So ... Merry Christmas !!!!!

I Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve ! And Christmas day ... Filled with Joy , Peace , Comfort , Love , Family , And  most of all ... CHRIST !

So If I don't write a post before Christmas ... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all ! I am so blessed to have all of you always uplifting me with your sweet comments , and reading my  sometimes *dull* posts . Your all so special to me , Love you all !




Bethany said...

Merry Christmas!!

Bailey said...

Ah, silly girl. You're not allowed to have grim thoughts about Christmas at your age. I love you. :o)

I am SO ready for Christmas. Wrapping presents for kindergartners while listening to Dora the Explorer really puts one in the mood. But I think the light looking, snuggled up in pjs in the back seat and slurping chocolate shakes, belting out Christmas songs with my three bestest sisters ever...that did it for me. Not to mention the thousand cookies just calling my name................

Merry Christmas, Sarah! *HUGS*

Kara said...

:O WHAT? You're STILL not ready for Christmas. Well, better hurry and get "ready", cause it's tomorrow!

Maria said...

I agree, wrapping presents DOES put you in the Christmas cheer! :0 Can't wait, love you!