Sunday, November 14

:: it's finished! ::

It's finished! The blog revamp is done!!! Thanks to my ever so loving "sister. She did this all! She made my header, the background, my signature, she changed my sidebar, updated my blogger, An ...Put up with my thousands of questions about blogging ( the list could go longer!). Yeah, She's amazing, and I love her greatly! She's a great friend. ( Great doesn't even explain her, angelic? Maybe?? lol! )
But anyways. Moving on ... I hope you all voted on my poll concerning posts you'd like to see on my blog . And the results were ...

Most of the people enjoyed my photography best. Which I'm glad, because, I have noticed that I publish lots of pictures on my blog.Then a hairdo was wanted next. ( which I have one up my sleeve! Coming soon !!) And then last but not least, you just said "anything really ". Thanks every body who voted !!

Have a great week!
P.s. Sorry about these skimpy posts. But soon I shall finally get a decent post published . ( hopefully! LOL )


Bailey said...

Cute design! A round of applause for the daring duo of Sarah and Floppeth! :o)

Love you, sister!

Bethany said...

Angelic? Paleeeeezzzz... :)

It was so enjoyable I think I enjoyed it. :) Lov ya dear


Btw, sister's voices blend together so well. *wink*

Farmgirl said...

I love it!

Especially the Key on your signature and header! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sarah! I love the new layout! its so cheery and makes me want to read it! haha :) good thing you have an awesome sister to help you with all this blog stuff! :) keep writin'!! you should just write an update post like your telling me what you've been up to so then i can feel caught up with your life! :)love you! i miss your face!


Abby said...

Oh! It looks great! I like your posts! I don't think they're skimpy. :D

Abby :D