Wednesday, November 3

:: contest photos ::

And the photos for the Walking In Truth contest ....

These photos were the most liked! Thanks everybody for helping me chose! Love Ya'll!


Bethany said...

PRINCE IS SUCH A CUTIE. :) Honestly - that dug... ;D See ya on Friday!

Hannah said...

You made a good choice! I really like those photos!

Bailey said...

Aww, Pwincey. He's so cute. Can I email this photo to Chase? :o)

And wow -- awesome photography. I can't get over it.

Sarah said...

Bailey ,
Of course you can email the photo to Chase ! I'm sure he'd love to see our puppy ! Say hi to him from the Reinke family .

Bethany ,
Thankyou m'dear ! For some reason , whenever I take a photo of Prince , he always thinks he's getting in trouble and puts a sad face on ! LOL ! Love you !

Hannah ,
Glad you liked the first one , too ! See ya on Friday !

Maria said...

Great photos Sarah! It was fun to see you yesterday!

Kendra said...

Thanks for following my blog! ;-D I follow yours!